Pioneer Engage Church started life with a small handful of people in the Green Room at the Leatherhead Theatre. Sociologists would describe us as a Charismatic Evangelical New Church (rather than a historical denominational church). People who were disillusioned with church or had moved into the area found this their new spiritual home. Within 18 […]


Meet our leadership team! Andy Moulton is the current leader of our church supported by a richness of experienced church leaders including Gerald & Anona Coates, John Noble, and Gary & Joyce Jenkins. Gerald founded the Pioneer Network of Churches in the UK and overseas and is a well known author, speaker and broadcaster.

Vision & Values

The Great Commission and the Great Command. Matt 24: 14 John 17 The Vision. Our Vision is to live out these two scriptures with everything we are, and do. To love Father God, learn to worship in every sphere of lifestyle and seek […]