Sunday Gatherings
We meet twice a month (2nd and 4th Sundays) as a whole church on and love to gather together to listen to Biblical teaching with opportunity for that teaching to be broken down into group discussion and to give space for personal ministry, through talking, praying and prophecy – (revelation of God’s heart for people and situations).

Foodbank is a national organisation setup to provide food for individuals and families who for various reasons are unable to support themselves. The voluntary teams are comprised of people from both local residents and various Churches in Leatherhead and the surrounding area. The project runs out of the North Leatherhead Community Centre on Saturday mornings. For more details

Treasure Hunting
Mainly during the summer season, on Saturday mornings, small teams will head out onto the local streets of Leatherhead, to ask God to reveal who He wants to speak to. In various creative ways, members of the public (potential “treasure’) are approached and words are given to reveal God’s heart for that person. We also challenge ourselves to be using this prophetic gift in the course of every day life not just Saturday mornings.

Engage@Home – Cell/Small groups
We have a number of diverse Cell Groups that you can get involved in here at Engage. You can expect prayer, worship, fellowship, personal support and delving deep into scripture. To get involved, do speak to a leader at Church or contact us via our email or phone. We’d love you to be a part of our Cell life!

We are involved in charity projects that operate in the North of Uganda designed to support local Pastors and education.

We work with very poor communities offering clothing, emotional support and teaching.