The Great Commission and The Great Commandment

Matt 24:14 & John 17

Our Vision is to live out these two scriptures with everything we are. Mission is our focus – with the Gospel and good deeds. Unity among Christians is one of our core values.


At Pioneer Engage Church, we are not religious (coded language and weird in-church behaviour) nor irreligious (low respect for Christian Scripture and other Christians). As non-religious, we are as normal in gathered settings as we are in the rest of life, fun to be around, and theologically /practically evangelical / charismatic.


The Trinity/Godhead is community so we endeavor to reflect that through all we do as a Church.


Yes we know, an old fashioned phrase – but we start with leaders who are willing to serve others with their main gifts and abilities – but also serve by doing anything that needs to be done.That includes the church being willing to bless and serve others beyond Pioneer Engage – So there are lots of opportunites for those who want to serve, help and bless.