Seeds and Harvest

Sometimes we plant seeds in the ground and then forget about them, but when the right season comes, they spring up and grow. This can also be true of our lives. After planting seeds of hope, destiny and vision, it can quickly seem that all has been forgotten. But God never forgets. The seeds that laid dormant for years can suddenly spring into life in the very season in which it can flourish the most: where the ground is most fertile, the soil being ready and the harvest being greater than what was ever expected. This can takes months or even years; yet God never forgets. Since 2006, I had wanted to move to England–but as I lived in Australia, it was no small move!

For quite some time, it felt as if I had seeds of hope, creativity, expression and promise, waiting to one day blossom into a great harvest. There have been occasions where I tried to manufacture this blossoming myself, such as the time I hosted a women’s conference on the topic of ‘Identity’. Seemingly, the conference was a success–but it wasn’t a great harvest.

In 2012, my dormant seed of moving to the UK grew and in God’s perfect timing, I transitioned to Leatherhead. I started working for Pioneer Engage in 2013 and the crop flourished. I was able to put my hand to things that I had only previously dreamed of: creative design, events, speaking opportunities, youth work and school’s work. God never forgets!

Years later, my friend and I started a charity that works with women. The aim of the charity is to help reveal their true identity, which is to show how they’re wonderfully and uniquely made and to help them thrive in life. It is apparent that God is just now causing the seeds that were within me to work with women come into life. The blessing is far greater (and the harvest far bigger!) than I could have every imagined.

God never forgot what I had planted in faith all those years ago. All this time, He was faithfully fertilising the soil, bringing the seeds and the harvest into fruition at just the right time.

What seeds are you planting in faith for the future?”

Rachel Hopper

God’s Provision

Back in the summer of 2014, I had just graduated from a Bible college in America and was wondering what to do next. After a few notable experiences, I became convinced that my next step was to move to Leatherhead to work with Gerald at Engage. 

However, I still had no idea what I would do there upon my arrival. Even more significantly, it was ostensible that working for the church directly was out of the question due to a lack of funds. Despite these things, I was nonetheless undeterred in my resolve to follow God’s lead. 

After I had settled the issue in my heart, God began to move on my behalf. Due to the incredible generosity of some significant donors, Engage were soon able to employ me as a full-time member of staff! If this wasn’t enough, a high school in Dorking opened it’s doors to our coterie (yet heterogeneous) group to work there as school-chaplains!

Even with the calming influence of hindsight, it still amazes me today how God provided for me simply in response to a commitment I had made to say: “Yes!”

Jack Newton

Hope Through Depression

In 2004 I was in the Maldives when the tsunami hit. Through this horrific circumstance of near death it bought much perspective into my life. I realized that I was in an abusive relationship and found the courage to break free from it.
Once back in the UK I was invited around to a persons home and in the bathroom was a verse – Jer 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope”.

At that point of time I knew that I knew I had been saved for a reason! 
Life journeyed on and early 2013 I had an emotional breakdown where I found myself at the Foodbank and was handed a card for Engage Church, I was also prayed for there and then.
 In late August I attended Engage for the first time and was warmly welcomed and was invited to the Picnic in the Park the following Saturday. 
Through attending the church I have found I have felt welcomed, loved, valued and accepted. 
I had people come along side me and support me as I worked through issues of suicide and self harm. 
Friends have become family and I now can say I am in a place of walking out freedom. I am now living for life and with hope looking toward the future!

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